Seren P. Thompson worked as a retail store manager in 2008. Her light-hearted and silly managerial style often left customers wondering who was in charge. She was good at her job, but a key element was missing. She felt her work wasn't truly helping anyone. From the moment she entered the campus at her healing arts college, Seren was in the right place and once she started working with clients, she knew she'd found her life's calling. She has been helping to heal and facilitating a positive influence on the lives of her clients ever since.

Seren has been a certified massage therapist since 2011 and in the same year she established SLH Massage. She has gained a diverse amount of experience from working for chiropractors and various types of spas. Today she combines her acquired skills with her gifts of healing and empathy to tune in to what her clients need one on one and help them devise a plan to improve their lives with less pain. Each of her massage sessions is designed to be both relaxing and beneficial. She has helped countless clients who suffer from frequent headaches, spasms, widespread pain, muscle injuries and the neck tension and upper back pain associated with working at a desk.

Seren specializes in headache relief and Jade Stone therapy. Jade stone therapy is a massage type in which solid jade stones are heated and/or cooled and utilized as precision tools for both emotional and physical relaxation. The combination of the temperatures used and the ancient stones is perfect for melting muscle tension, deactivating trigger points and influencing blood and lymph circulation. The balanced and healing energy in the jade influences the recipient to experience a mind/body balance and feel revitalized as well. Unlike many other massage therapists, Seren never really gives the same massage twice--each of her sessions is tailored on the spot to the client's needs.