I Love my Career

Right now I'm exhausted. But it's the best type of exhaustion. Today I did five 1hr massages for five people who all really needed my help. I got to spend my day learning about what they needed and utilizing my skills and gifts to make them each feel better one by one. It was the type of day that makes me feel so grateful to be in the profession I'm in. 

One of my clients had tension from traveling, another had a severe headache, one had sore legs from strenuous work, another had a stiff low back from lots of driving and I had a regular who needed the usual. I was able to help all of them feel relief. 

And even better, one of them booked their next appointment right away after their session--even with so much going on! 

It was a long, full, fun, happy day.  

I'm nearly to my goal for taking care of some urgent financial problems! Thank God!

And of course my clients. Next I've got some renewal fees I've got to pay. 

I'm filled with gratitude. I love having a prosperous career!!

Massage Party ❤️❤️ 

Massage Party ❤️❤️