Three Great Reasons to Buy an SLH Massage Package Deal


There are so many benefits to receiving consistent massage, so why not get it at a great price, too?

1. Amazing deals

Because consistent in-home massage therapy care with an elite massage therapist can get pricey fast, the package deals are often as much as 40% off the original pricing.

There will always be places that offer massage care for dirt cheap but are their services really what you need, personally? In most cases, no.

Hospital visits are not cheap. Consistent massage therapy helps you to be in touch with your body’s needs and signals. Your body sends signals constantly to let you know what it needs because its #1 priority is staying alive. These signals start out at a whisper (hunger pains, thirst, yawning, mild headaches, soreness, etc.) and when ignored, slowly advance into a yell (fainting, diarrhea, migraines, injuries). Learn to tune in and listen to your body’s cues before they take you down the path of discomfort and illness, at a cost to your health and pocketbook.


2. Know thyself

The customers who benefit from massage services most are those who have reached advanced awareness in their bodies. These are people who have had enough massage care to know exactly what to expect, and they work as a team with their therapist for the best outcomes. They know without a doubt if they are trusting the right person for help.

I will show you stretches, tips, and modifications that work along with the muscle work to restore you. We will work our way to preventing pain, maintaining peak health and finally attaining advanced awareness.


3. Consistency is key to improving your well being

Commit to keeping yourself at peak health now: flexible, strong, in tune. This way you are 75% more likely to keep a consistent massage schedule and attain the full benefit of this care. Together we will learn how often you need a massage to maintain your level of activity with peak flexibility, strength, nerve function, and sleep without pain!

Massage therapy care is a journey that will teach you tools for healing yourself as you move from repairing to maintaining, with the goal of prevention and advanced awareness of yourbody.

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