You instantly recognize it as the jump startling pop of a huge firework and know you are safe. But what happens inside of you when you are unexpectedly startled by such a loud noise?

You flinch involuntarily, your heart races, you feel warm all over and at the same time your breathing rate increases. Your body responds in a split second moment of panic as if you are in danger and might need to run for your life! What's happening is a primal instinct. Your "fight or flight" reflex is triggered. Your heart races to send an influx of blood and oxygen to your muscles so they are prepared to either fight or flee. Your brain activates the release of necessary hormones  while also attending the task of deciding which response is necessary for the threat at hand. If you happen to have tension or dysfunction in a muscle when this happens, you could get a muscle knot from the quick involuntary flinch that happens when you hear such a noise!

In a situation such as this, adrenaline may hide or at least distract from the severity of a muscle spasm. Then days later, you awaken in the morning in pain and can't seem to figure out the cause. 

"Stress." Says your massage therapist. And you think back on the past week of your life, sure you've been busy, but not particularly stressed out. Right? 

My little made up scenario is just a small example of how tension can affect the body. These little flinches can happen for lots of reasons: a sneeze, a couch, or even a 10cm slip in the shower on a drop of shampoo. Our bodies are designed to keep going after tiny stressors and the better shape your in physically, the harder it is for little things like this to affect you. But, don't let those tiny stress dominos stack too high! An easy fix is tangible!

Just schedule your massages no more than 5 weeks apart! 😋

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!  BOOM! 🎉🇺🇸🎆